Breaking Christian Curses

In this startling expose, Dennis Cramer details his 13-year battle with a "christian" curse and how God not only miraculously exposed the source of the curse, but dramatically delivered him from its devastating effects.

You may be a victim of spiritual abuse, or other Christians may have pronounced failure and defeat over your life. In order to bring light to this terrible darkness, Dennis takes you on a journey into the evil world of "christian" witchcraft, "christian" cannibalism, and "christian" curses -- where you will not only be informed, but set free!


FOREWORD BY Francis Frangipane:

When I read Breaking Christian Curses, my first thought was every church should have this information. If it is true, that life and death are in the power of the tongue, then it is also true that we have been too tolerant of slander, backbiting, and gossip. Indeed, I also pondered the possibility that, for this very reason, the Lord of the harvest has not added large numbers of converts to the church. In His love for the sheep, perhaps the Lord is keeping the unsaved away until Christians learn to pray for one another instead of preying on one another.
    Over the years I have realized that a great many Christians think fault finding is a spiritual gift. It is not. One does not even need to be a Christian to see what is lacking in another individual. God’s goal for us is not simply that we see what is wrong in others, but that we are equipped spiritually to make things right.
    As far as I know, I have never read a single book or booklet on the general subject of “Christian” or personal curses. To the best of my recollection, I have never even heard a sermon on the subject. Based on this history, I am probably the least qualified to write on the subject of “Christian” or personal curses. Why then am I undertaking to educate others? Why should I be heard?
    Ironically, I believe God kept me “ignorant” — unaware and uninformed — concerning the theology of curses so I could write credibly on this subject from my personal experience. By isolating me from the information of others on the subject of curses, I believe God has kept my message uncontaminated and unbiased. I have no other perspective except the one unique to my experience. My attempt to write on this delicate subject may not be perfect, but it will be an honest one. Why? Because I was the victim of a personal curse perpetrated by other Christians.
    I have found Denny Cramer to be a man who is not just talking the talk, but he is living the wisdom he has put in this book. He speaks the truth in love. He isn’t afraid of speaking a hard word, but he continually seeks to reveal the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. He is anointed as a New Testament prophet to build up the body of Christ. As such, he caries a “prophet’s reward.” Those who receive what he has to say will receive the prophet’s reward and become more Christlike as a result.

       -   Francis Frangipane


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 "How does one review a book that has had such an impact upon their lives, that has brought tears to their eyes, sorrow to their heart, yet carried such hope and excitement for the future, that it takes their breath away. . This is what Dennis Cramer's book " Breaking Christian Curses" has done for this reviewer.

It does not matter if you are a believer, or a stark atheist, what does matter is that you speak words, and in this outstanding work, by Dennis Cramer, you will understand the importance of what escapes your lips and harbors in your heart. Are you interested yet?
Read on!

Although written by a Christian and geared towards fellow Christians, the words within the pages of this book will speak to all mankind, believer and non-believers alike.The author shares with you his 13 year battle with a 'christian' curse and explains how God not only exposed the source of the curse, but delivered him from the effects it had on his life. Now are you interested ? Well, you should be!

Here are a few more questions to tempt your taste buds for this book!
Ever wonder why nothing works out for you? Do you feel as if you have a rain cloud over your head that follows you around and hinders every advancement you try to achieve? Have you ever cursed God for your misfortune, cursed life or fate? Or perhaps you have cried out in despair and buried bitterness within your soul because you live a defeated life. If you have this book is for you. Dennis explains how we as Christians can pronounce failure and defeat over another Christians life. How sad is that? But here is the good news, he also shares how to be free from those curses and enjoy the abundant life you have been promised. Now are you smiling!?"   - Shirley Priscilla Johnson

" Insightful articulate accurate according to the Word, this book revealed to me how easily one believer can curse another even without being aware of it. Although a believer probably would never use the word curse and deliberately address another, by our not paying attention to what we do and say, we can effectively curse another. Interestingly, Scripture addresses this issue and forbids us to do it. You will gain much insight about the effects of a curse and what to do to deal with the issue and be set free to live under the blessing. God Bless You, Real Good, Rick"   - Rick Johnson

 "this is an excellent book. very informative. i knew that christian curses existed, but many times people used the verse: an undeserved curse does not allight to try to disprove the fact that i could be affected by this. the author gave many biblical examples and verses to back up his side of the story and also gave many personal examples and other examples. i think this would be a good book to read if you suspect or know that others are cursing you and also a good book to give to another person that doesn't realize that they are cursing people. it will either open their eyes or give them better ideas, so it could help or make them worse. i reccomend this book especially to anyone who has loved church and christians for a long time and suddenly dreads going anywhere near them."   - treen

"I found the book interesting. I can't say I believe in the Christian curse concept, nevertheless, I found it curious. I read the book because Dennis Cramer attended the same church I attended for more than 20 years, The Door Fellowship in Williamsport, PA. I found his detail of what happened at the hands of the pastors to be incredibly fascinating and sadly I believe it. He details fairly well the symptons of a church growing off center. If you are in a spirtually abusive church you will find the book helpful."   - williamsport

"God gave us two ears to listen and one tongue to lift up, encourage, bless, speak His word and become more like Him. His grace is abundant for forgiving, praising and trusting in His perfect plan for our lives. Nothing can keep us from His destiny for us if we stay in love for Him and others.

If we have been attacked by other Christians verbally place the situation in God's hands and leave it. He will set the record straight and deliver us. Look to Jesus He is more than able and will never forsake us."   - Nan Tucket

"I wish I had been able to read this book 25 years ago; it would have helped with the pain of being "excommunicated" from a church for no Biblical reason. The book has a lot of good information, and the solutions are presented only in the last couple of chapters. If you are looking for a deep Scriptural exegesis of the issue, it is not in this book. Nevertheless, the Scriptures are there, and the book "tells it like it is." It is easy to read and helpful; take it from one who has been there, and who has become a better person because of it (Rom. 8:28). Forgiveness is the key to healing!"   - saharagold

"This book is pivotal for any Christian who wants to move on in their walk with Jesus. The power of life & death is in the tongue, this book helps give an understanding of the power of negative words, which act as word curses against those they are spoken against."   - John Bema

"I highly recommend this book to be read by every so called Christian."   - Kelly Bryant

"I think this is a must read for everyone in the church and explains a lot of what has been happening in my life. Highly Recommend!"   - Heidi

"This book is a must read for all Christians. We live in trying times and we need to be careful of what we do and who we allow to minister to us. Enjoy!!!"   - Michele Herrnacker

"An excellent book which really opened my eyes. You can confirm the source of many of your problems by reading this book and following the references to the Bible. Use this book hand in hand with your Bible and you will be amazed at your findings. This book reveals why many Christians have problems they cannot explains. This book also teaches us how to avoid putting unintentional curses on our fellow man. It teaches us how to bless those that curse us like the Bible says. I would highly recommend this book to all people."   -  Dennis Harms

" It took me a long tme to get through this book, because it was so good. I read it slowly and found myself on both sides of the argument presented. Christians are warned by GOD to watch what they say for they are accountable to every word. I gave my copy away and bought it again for my personal library, but I am sure I will give it away again. It was too well written to not pass on."   - Margaret J. Schwarz ("morgan2010")



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