book1Have you ever received a prophetic word and were confused?

Why hasn’t it happened? Were you supposed to do something? This book has lots of fun exercises that you can do alone or in groups, to activate your prophetic... Learn from the expert in application, Robert John. Understand your part, God’s part. Experience the power of prayer, proclamation and warring over your word (1 Timothy 1:18). Don’t let your word drop to the ground (1 Samuel 3:19). Take the journey, be a doer of the word not just hearer...



"Perhaps the best way to describe Robert John's latest book is to compare it to something everyone at one time or another has read: Your automobile's owner’s manual. This informative booklet reads just like an owner’s manual full of technical information needed to properly act upon your recent personal prophecy. Yet, Robert has written it in such a way that it is a very easy read. Specifically, it is all about what to do with your personal prophecy and equally as important what NOT to do with your personal prophecy. All the reader has to do is read the manual!

"The supernatural 'word of the Lord' is a powerful life-changing message from God Himself that must be properly understood, evaluated, and applied or acted upon. Robert helps the reader to do all this and more. Get ready to effectively and efficiently navigate down the path to discovering your prophetic destiny where you will experience the full effects of everything God has spoken to you in your recent personal prophecy. You will never be the same!

"Thank you Robert! You have given all of us who believe in and who have benefited from personal prophecy a much needed "owners" manual. You've made each consultation infinitely more significant through the wisdom you shared with each client who carefully reads and consistently implements your very practical approach to his or her personal prophecy!
Dennis Cramer, Founder/President of Dennis Cramer Ministries



 "I noticed by just doing this exercise that certain words really rang like a bell in my Spirit.  Also with the title of the categorized prophecy I noticed that the Lord required me to do my part more in the category the Lord will be your teacher!  I probably have read this prophecy about 30 times, and as I read over it I seem to get something new every time.  It’s interesting how little we really have to do, compared to what the Lord does, and wants to do for us and through us!  What was really cool was that in this prophecy being highlighted was the partnership with the Lord, which was evident shared responsibilities, awesome!  Thanks again. I am getting quite a bit out of this exercise and with the Holy Spirits help pray that I accomplish all that He has to accomplish."

" I just really want to say thank you to you. It was difficult for me to read this word, attempt to understand or even know where to begin and I prophesy myself, yet this is new to me.  So as God leads I will pass on this knowledge and training you have brought to me through this time."

 "Definitely appreciate you being there for every part of the process. I do recognize that the prophetic word I received was pretty detailed, and I have much to live up to.  With the help I received from you I hope to war with the words to see these prophetic words come to pass."

"There is so much in this word that is clear, and at the same time so much that is unclear. But what is clear is to follow and execute my part. I thank you for your time and guidance and clarification here."

"Thank you for all your help in making this word more effective for me.  I know it will change the course of my life.  I did think there was a lot of content and I was a little overwhelmed wondering where to start.  I'm already on my way!"

"Thank you so much for being part of this journey....funny thing is I miss you already!  You are a good prophetic coach! I will create that To Do list as well as the Miracle list and pray and stand on his promises.  This will give be a great use of prayer time and will help me to keep sight of what God has said, what he has done and IS DOING in my life. "

"Thank you so much Servant of God. It was truly powerful. I know I have to keep proclaiming those words and let God do the rest."

"I can definitely feel the power of the prophecy. Thank you so very much. It will be encouraging to see the Words of Wisdom and Knowledge come to past, giving me strength to continue on waiting on the rest of the prophecy."

"Thanks for breaking it down a little better, I have also drawn out the prophetic promises from the words of knowledge etc., and have placed at the end where God has spoken personally to me and through other prophetic utterances, where confirmation exists."

"Thanks for the brilliant enhancements."

"Appreciate the help and advice. It has made the journey more interesting and productive."

" I am so grateful to have walked through this with your instruction.  It has been amazing, and I know this is just the beginning of walking through this Word.  I will continue to follow the steps you taught me, and I will teach them to others, that they may discern their words completely and declare them into their lives also."

"It is amazing how God teaches and trains us, for me this has been so helpful and I thank you.  To know your teaching me, will enable me to teach others is so awesome also, as your teaching/impartation of truth lives on through me and many others that you teach."

"Thank you so much for blessing us with your time and wisdom to encourage and enhance our ability to lay hold of the Lord's word unto us."

"Thank you so much to you and your team for this selfless and immense contribution to our lives."