book3Prophetic Consultations!
In response to a growing world-wide demand from individuals requesting personalized, private, "high level" prophetic ministry, Dennis Cramer Ministries now offers prophetic consultations exclusively to our "Lifetime Partners."


Dennis Cramer Ministries has served our individual Lifetime Partners for nearly fifty years by bringing clear solutions to issues with insight from a seasoned ‘prophetic’ revelatory "seer" perspective. Our aim is to better serve our Lifetime Partners by providing confidential one-on-one comprehensive "high level" prophetic consultations to our financial supporters who value the supernatural life-changing "word of the Lord."


Personalized, Private, and Highly Prophetic

This unique “arm” of Dennis Cramer Ministries is done via the telephone for our Lifetime Partners. 

Our purpose is to bring the prophetic life-changing “word of the Lord” to those who might not be able to attend a free church service or prophetic conference in person ( see Prophet Cramer's global itinerary ).

Specifically, we will set up a convenient telephone appointment to listen and then address any issues for which the Lifetime Partner may desire in-depth private prophetic consultation. This is always done in full confidentiality and with the utmost of integrity. All consultations are recorded to CD and mailed directly to the Lifetime Partner for the purpose of judging the prophecy with their Pastor or leader.

The benefits for all Lifetime Partners are...


* We schedule your private telephone consultation for you!

* We pay for the phone call! (Some international phone restrictions apply.)

* We (Prophet Cramer) take the time to minister personally to you!

* We record the consultation on CD!

* We mail the consultation to you!


* Note: Due to the time committment and expense necessary to produce a single prophetic consultation via telephone, all requests for consultations require a membership or partnership with Dennis Cramer Ministries. However, all of Prophet Cramer's public meetings are 100% free to those who attend - and always have been. Come join us in a public meeting near you! There is never a charge or fee for prophecy in any of these public meetings. "Freely we have received, freely we give!" Amen!


Specifically, each personal telephone consultation consist of three powerful parts: a comprehensive "high level" personal prophecy, a detailed review of the prophecy by Dennis Cramer, and questions the Lifetime Partner may have about the prophecy itself. Please reserve approximately thirty minutes for these powerful (phone) prophetic consultations.

How can you become our Lifetime Partner today? A one-time gift of just $1000 (US) qualifies you as a Lifetime Partner with this worldwide prophetic ministry. (You are not buying a prophecy, you are honoring the Prophet.) Then, as a valued Lifetime Partner, you are entitled to your (one-time) complimentary personal prophetic consultation.

To make your $1000.00 donation, simply...


1. Click below on the Yellow "Donate" button and you'll be taken to our ultra-safe, ultra-secure PayPal donation processing page.

2. Once at PayPal you'll click on the big blue "Donate with PayPal" button, or if you just want to use a credit/debit card without using a PayPal account, click on the "Donate with a Debit or Credit Card" button. 

3. Complete the form.

  It's as easy as 1 2 3 !


Invest $1000.00 in your future now!

All Personal Prophetic Consultations contain a high level of REVELATION, PREDICTION, DIRECTION, IMPARTATION, CORRECTION (re-alignment, adjustment, improvement, advancement), AUTHORITY, and EQUIPPING ...for your work of service to the Lord. (Eph.4:12).

" Prophetic Consultations equip...they do not entertain!"


"Extremely accurate

profound, and to the was a huge blessing! " - K.A.

"I am still rather awestruck

by the clarity, the accuracy, and the sheer volume of your prophetic words over our lives during our consultation. Not to mention the timeliness of the impartation. As a leader in the body of Christ for many years, I have been prophesied over, advised, and counseled by many men of stature in the body. None was more pin point accurate and timely than that which you ministered to us. You are a gift to the body of Christ!" E.W. - Ohio

"This was not a vague

prophetic word that could have applied to just anyone. It was incredibly specific, extraordinarily accurate, and deeply moving. No other single event since my salvation has had such a dramatic impact on my destiny and my relationship with God. I greatly recommend a personal prophetic consultation with Denny Cramer." B. S. - Florida


"My consultation was both confirming and affirming...

it literally unlocked something in me...a kind of deliverance happened...and I have been feeling new freedom." F.P. - Canada

"I want to share

with you how the prophetic consultation we received has changed our lives. You gave us specific time tables regarding the sale of our business which has come to pass within the times given. You prophesied that "the next 30 days would be highly unusual & the next 90 days would be highly unusual & the next 120 days God would do the unusual & the unprecedented". You told us within the next 120 days He would bring us a buyer & do the unprecedented. Wow did He ever! Knowing what God spoke through you helped us through this difficult time.and the buyer came back to us and paid $80,000 more then what we had originally paid for the property. That was the unprecedented! I thank God for you, his prophet, who gave us what we needed at the exact time we needed it." A. & C. M. - New England

"I am the president of my own company

Recently I scheduled a prophetic consultation. The session was more than I ever imagined it would be! Everything Prophet Cramer brought forth from God is now happening or is in the process of happening. This prophecy so changed my life. Specifically, I was looking for confirmation of decisions I had made and what direction my company should go. Through prophet Cramer, God provided all that and more! Since the consultation, our business has increased at a dramatic pace. God is opening doors of opportunity that I never dreamed of! God is moving the company into international circles where the products we manufacture and sell will grow His kingdom and bless His children. If you are looking for (prophetic) direction from God, or just need confirmation of where your company is headed, I highly recommend that you seek out Prophet Dennis Cramer. God tells us to seek the council of godly men. I am forever grateful I did." D. C. - President